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Presently, the number of people that have to make international telephone calls, is increasing rapidly. As our planet becomes more accesible and telecommunications become cheaper, it is more common to receive or make long distance calls to any country in the word. Unfortunately, as we all know, to talk on telephone is far more difficult than in person, especially if we want to make business. Therefore, telephoning skills have become an important asset in today’s  executive.

Learning special techniques will lead the student to master this well-known business ability. Our program includes conversations which take place in different types of companies and allows the learner, to both hear and practice the kind of lenguaje common to many situations. In a clear and precise way all the participants will learn to understand and respond correctly to any business telephone communication.

1. To Know the elementary English telephoning vocabulary.

2. To make introductions and take messages.

3. To make or cancel business appointments.

4. To interchange information. Communication technology.

5. To check information and make business.

6. To make reservations.

7. To participate in a telephone conference.

8. To make recorded messages.


Dirigido a:

All those persons ( Executives, Administrative Assistants, Secretaries, Employees, etc.) that need to make telephone calls to any part of the world.