Herschel 153, Ciudad de México

Time Management and Organization Skills

Work smarter instead of harder with a time management system you´ll design! We´ll show you how...
Are you working harder and longer than ever before, trying to keep up with an increasingly demanding workload? Most professionals are! You know the drill: You come in early, stay late, take work home, do two things at once but your “to-do” list just keeps getting longer and longer!
Your calendar is jammed with commitments. Your workspace is shrinking because of the piles of paperwork you need to get to. You´re stressed out, frustrated and overwhelmed because you don´t see any end in sight to your growing workload.
Sound all too familiar? Then take heart! We´ve developed a practical new approach to organizing your time, a one-day workshop called Time Management and Organization Skills for Busy Professionals.

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